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We sell
fishery products
for the food industry

ESTELAS TRADING was created to serve the food industry as a supplier of raw materials for the canning and processing industry. Our purpose is to become the suppliers of tuna and other fish species with the best service and supply guarantee in the industry.

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We are part of the SHANGHAI KAICHUANG MARINE INT. CO. group, whose volume of catches and transformation capacity allows us to guarantee the supply and availability of quality raw material both in Spain and in international markets, effectively covering the needs of any company.


We have a fleet of 12 purse-seine vessels for tuna fishing, as well as trawlers, squid jiggers, merchant vessels and freezer vessels in the main fishing grounds of the world. With presence in the different logistics centres (hubs) of the world fishing.

La red de compañías y factorías de nuestra empresa matriz se ubica en las principales fuentes de materia prima del mundo: China, España, Canadá, Kiribati, Islas Marshall… y continuamos expandiendo nuestra empresa por todo el mundo.

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Leaders in the fishing and processing of the four most valued species of tuna

We are a world reference in the fishing and commercialisation of frozen tuna with more than 100,000 tons caught per year, in addition we also have a large capacity for processing loins in our own and associated factories.

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The sea,
above all.

We are a company
with values


Our fleet maintains a rigorous commitment to sustainability. We fish in a responsible and environmentally friendly way, committed to finding the best quality of raw material, respecting the balance of the natural environment and the conservation of the different species.

All our fishing is always caught with PVR vessels, in line with our position on illegal fishing and its derivatives.

In this sense, in 2020 we have obtained the MSC certificate, with number MSC-C-52272-3.

Policy Against Shark Fin Removal

As indicated in Resolution 12-01 of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), shark finning is defined as the practice in which the shark fin is cut and retained and the rest of the body is discarded at sea. The practice of “shark finning” contravenes the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and its International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks, as well as various resolutions of other international marine organisations.

ESTELAS TRADING, S.L.U, in accordance with the management measures applied by Regional Organisations (RFMOs) and national and international standards for the conservation of marine life, establishes and incorporates the following into its raw material purchasing policy:

Publicly condemn and prohibit the practice of shark finning, understood as retaining any fin on board and discarding the rest of the body into the sea.
Avoid any commercial transaction with vessels that have been identified by Regional Organisations (RFMOs) or by national or international authorities, as followers of the shark finning practice.


We offer a follow-up report to the raw material from its origin to its destination, ensuring traceability. We have rigorous controls throughout the chain, with an exhaustive documentary and physical review in all fishing, production, loading / unloading processes around the world.


We have the capacity to meet any request in the form of delivery of the whole fish or the tailor-made preparation of the frozen loins according to the client’s instructions, both raw and precooked, with the level of cleaning and cutting that is required in each case.